Ambassdor 70 – Permission Requested

Today should be the day. Probably this evening around 7pm or 8pm, I will ask permission from King Neptune to cross the line. Time travel in an instant, as I go from Autumn to Spring in the blink of an eye.

Another fast day yesterday, just over 200 miles, so that felt good. It was laundry day yesterday, and being a prudent mariner, I hung everything on the windward lifelines, as I was broad reaching, so that extra sail area may have provided a boost.

The nice thing about sailing mostly west, is that every afternoon I am “sailing off into the sunset”- literally. And now at night I am getting some help from the moon, too. It is finally waxing gibbous, and should provide good light for the rest of the trip to Panama.

More good news, in that it seems the northern and southern hemispheres are enjoying a harmonic convergence in this neighborhood (totally awesome, dude). What that means to me is no doldrums, and maybe no crazy day of squalls coming from two different directions at the same time. I think the southern hemisphere’s southeast trade winds will just shift a bit to the northern hemisphere’s easterly trade winds. The winds may go a bit lighter for a day (today maybe), but hopefully nothing dramatic, and I can just keep on sailing.

4/2  8am   0.45 S   42.00 W    2963nm gone,  2511n to go

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