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Tradewinds Sailing School & Club is a family owned and operated business.

Tradewinds Sailing School has a program for sailors at any level who are serious about gaining the foundation knowledge of sailing and continuing on to become a competent sailor. With more than 45 years of teaching experience, our successful method is based on a thorough understanding of how people learn. We also want to make learning to sail easy and enjoyable. But, we don’t take shortcuts. Our instructors are selected for their teaching skills and their ability to make learning to sail fun.

We created our Sailing Club so that our Sailing School students can have access to many types of boats as they work on their Amercian Sailing Association (ASA) courses. We also want a fleet boat program that is affordable so that our students do go out and hone your new skills.

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  1. Chris says:


    Thanks for all the great articles! I’m a regular visitor

    My name is Chris and a fellow sailing fanatic who has started two sailing passion projects: SailEasy.com and SailTu.be. The former is a platform to find sailing courses and the latter is a sailing specific video website, currently focused on learning how to sail but i’m planning to add more categories over time. I’m continuously improving both of them.

    Reaching out to you to ask whether you’d be open to doing some ‘cross-promotion’ of each other’s websites! My goal is to reach as many people as possible and links from a popular sailing website will help a lot with that. Haven’t completely thought it through yet but i’m thinking about a couple of mentions or links in a blog post or something similar. I can draft something for you if that’s helpful at all. I can do something similar by linking to the website!

    Please let me know if that’s something you’d be willing to help me with and in all cases: Happy sailing!

    Best wishes


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