Ambassador 69 – Movin’ Right Along

Happy April Fools Day!

Despite the temptation to make up a story for today (GPS calibrated for northern hemisphere, so I’ve been going the wrong way, now near Antarctica, etc.), I decided to just do a regular report. So you’ll have imagine something clever and witty, and pretend I wrote it.

Yesterday was interesting, and ultimately very progressive, as it was a 200-mile day. It started out normal enough, but by mid-morning (9am on the clock here), one of those massive 10-mile wide squalls was approaching. It didn’t bring much wind, but it poured rain for an hour, which was welcome, as the boat was getting pretty salty crusty and was due for a good cleaning.

After the squall, there was a huge wind hole, with nothing in it. OK fine, time to turn on the engine for an hour or two, charge up the batteries and cool down the fridge, which I did.

When the wind filled back in, it was more easterly, which is good for me, as it makes for a stable broad reach, instead of the rocky-rolly dead downwind. All was going fast and well, until I noticed 2 rips in the mainsail, where it rubs on the spreader tips. One was about 3″, the other 8″. Hmmm, don’t want that to get worse, so down came the main, and out came the sticky-back repair tape, which seems to be working fine.

According to the odometer, I am halfway to Panama, from a nautical miles standpoint. I expect the second half to be a bit faster, though, so in reality I am already beyond halfway there.

Today is starting out a bit overcast, which is O.K., as being just 150 miles from the equator, it’s plenty warm all the time.

4/1  8am  2.30S  39.02W   2761nm gone,  2719nm to go.

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