How to Troll your crew

(As with all Trolling, the author chooses to remain anonymous)

Many Bay Area residents have heard about the Bay Bridge Troll. You may have even been asked about it by fellow crew, and how to see it. Like all Trolls it lives under the bridge, and like other Trolls is hard to find. I have failed to find a clear guide on how to find the Troll, so this is my attempt to help fellow Tradewinds members Troll their crew.

The first step is to take all the classes up to and including BBC (ASA 104) so you are allowed to this part of the Bay on a Tradewinds boat, or find a skipper who has taken BBC and is willing to have you as crew.

Next, make sure you have some binoculars as the Troll is only 18 inches tall, and it’s a long way from the water to where the Troll is. In addition, when you do get close other structures get in the way.

Finally, the details on where to sail…

Sail under The Bay Bridge, heading south on the San Francisco side, around Yerba Buena Island. Leave way more room than you think you will need. If you get close to the island you seem to get sucked onto it. Wave at the Coast Guard commandant. He lives in the house you just saw on the South end of the Island. Not bad for public housing although the fog horn might keep him awake!

Head towards the Bay Bridge, but on the Oakland side. The following pictures show you where to look to find the Troll.

Heading north towards the Bay Bridge look to the area marked.

Getting closer, look at the cantilevered section of the beam that rests on the piers. The Troll is on top of this, but again he is small.

Finally with binoculars you should be able to see the Troll. If you wait too long the white metal walkway will obscure the Troll. I told you he is small!

Crop of the above image showing the Troll in a little more detail.

Now you know everything you need to know to Troll your fellow crew!

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