Ambassador 80 – Hours now

It would appear I am less than 100 hours from Panama, so I have altered my personal countdown to hours now, instead of days. Based on the weather forecast, an early Monday morning arrival looks likely. Interesting to note that I am a few days ahead of the blustery winds this area is known for- the area I am today will be getting 25+ knots in Sunday. I don’t think I’ll wait.

Last night was the glow of Bonaire and Curacao, and this morning I am along the coast of Aruba. I should cross into Colombian waters later this afternoon, and this evening start turning left a bit, to go south towards Panama. I am probably at my northern most point already, latitude 12.40, as I am headed pretty much due west all day.

I know I need to stay focused on handling the boat, and stay in my daily routine, but I find my mind wandering more and more towards getting there, being there, finding out my transit date (5 days delay?  15 days delay? what will it be???) and planning my trip home in between.

4/12   8am   12.40N   69.53W    4818nm gone,  631nm to go.

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