Ambassador 81 – Happy Friday the 13th

While it is supposed to be an unlucky day in the U.S., in Argentina it means nothing, as their unlucky day is Tuesday the 13th. Go figure. I imagine it will be like most other days.

It was a very light day yesterday, but at least the sea was flat to go with it, so I could take advantage of the light wind without the waves shaking it out of the sails. Although there was wind forecast for the evening and night, it never showed up, and it remains light this morning. To make matters worse, I have run into the counter-current that curls around from Panama and back up the coast of Colombia. I think it is worst at the head of the peninsula I am just getting around, so hopefully that will improve today, and maybe this evening some real wind will show up, too.

Just before sunset yesterday, another school of dolphins came out to play for an hour, and I took more photos and video, but in all honesty it probably looks the same as all the other pictures and video I have taken. Ah well, it is always fun to watch, and lean over the side and interact with them.

I am starting to notice more traffic now, too. Considering some 36 big boats pass through the canal each day, I suppose I will be seeing a lot more traffic as I get closer. So I am trying to stay close enough to shore to be out of the way of the big guys, but in deep enough water to avoid the fisherman and buoys and hazards.

Even with the slow day yesterday I am still looking to arrive on Monday.

4/13 8am   12.24N   72.29W    4973nm gone,  478nm to go

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