Ambassador 64 – Familiar Spot

I passed Salvador this morning, 13 days after departing near Buenos Aires. And last year, when sailing southbound, it also took 13 days to go from Salvador to Buenos Aires. So I see that as a good thing, because the southbound route has the benefit of some favorable current and typically more favorable winds.

Speaking of current, I am fighting it off and on. The main trade wind thing from South Africa also drives current, and when it hits the big corner of Brazil it splits, with some continuing NW along the top of South America, and some curling down along the coast of Brazil. It is that curling down one that I fight. For a while yesterday, I was seeing 2 knots of adverse current, but I was able to get inshore enough to get out of it, so it only hampered me for a few hours.

I am very much looking forward to getting with the good current after passing Natal, at the corner. I remember weeks of fighting it all the way from Trinidad last year, so this time it should be a boost.

Last night brought my first good tropical downpour. A real gusher, this squall was. But it was good, as there was a lot of salt that needed to be rinsed off. Nice clean boat today…

3/27  8am   13.00S  38.32W  1901nm gone, 3570nm to go

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