Ambassador 63 – Sunday Worship

Sunday, a day of worship? For many it is. Which got me to thinking about the Egyptians, and their worship of the sun god Ra. And then I thought about how every day out here, not just Sunday, I make a point of watching the sunrise and the sunset. It’s pretty, and I like the colors and variety, and the way the light changes, and how it marks time for me on my daily routine. Paying tribute twice a day? Kinda sounds like worship…

Another big score for my random walks this morning. Up near the bow, I found a black washer on deck. Hmmm. okay, a more thorough look around. Ah ha! about 20 feet back, wedged behind a stanchion, is a bolt. That means I must have a screw loose. Well, you already knew that, but now the boat has a screw loose somewhere, too. Based on the size of the nut, it didn’t take long to figure out it came from the forestay assembly under the jib furler.

I am amazed on several levels. First, that I found the parts, and they hadn’t washed overboard. Second, that a bolt and nut is used anywhere on the forestay assembly, as opposed to more secure kotter pins. Third, that this thing somehow worked itself loose. I guess running downwind the pressure comes off the forestay, and repeated pitching could cause the forestay to slacken going forward, then tighten coming back, essentially unscrewing something micron by micron. One more thing to pay attention to, I guess…

I am happily back in better winds and seas, and making good progress again. With luck, another 4 or 5 days may see me reach the SE trade winds, stop going east, and start to turn the big corner of Brazil.

3/26  8am   15.25S  38.52W   1748nm gone,  3700nm to go

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