Ambassador 65 – 2 Weeks Down

It’s been 2 weeks now, that I’ve been sailing north and east. I am just about done with the east part, too, thankfully. I’ve made good progress, too, covering 23 degrees of latitude so far. That’s equivalent to going from San Francisco to Guatemala.

I am very much into the tropics, as the thermometer never goes below 80 anymore, not even at night. And the tropical squalls really seem to get fired up some nights, like last night. I think it was baby squall training night or something. There seemed to be an endless parade of small but strong squalls passing through, bumping the 10 knot wind to 25 in an instant, dumping a bucket of water on me, then leaving a wind hole with nothing for 15 minutes. Lather, rinse, repeat. Or maybe it was just ol’ King Neptune, using me for some amusement…

3/28  8am  11.22S  37.10W   2041nm gone, 3443nm to go

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