Ambassador 24

Things have improved today, weather-wise. The howling winds have reduced to 10-15 knots, and the seas are back down to 2-4 feet, which is a good thing. It’s still blowing from where we want to go, so progress remains slow, but every day we get closer to turning the corner at the eastern end of Brazil.

Everyone is feeling more positive and in good spirits today, and we all remain in good health. Marianne, who has already sailed around the world, commented that this is the cleanest trip she’s ever done- the luxury of the big water tanks means she gets to wash up daily, and it’s so much nicer not to be salty and grimy all the time. A nice squall this morning let us fill the bucket with rainwater runoff from the bimini, so Steve did another load of laundry.  We’ve been eating well enough, though none of us seems to be eating as much as we do when at home. We’ve also been more focused on using up the refrigerated goods first, so the rest of the trip may be a lot more canned food for all.

02.11S   43.36W    2178nm gone,  2943nm to go.   3pm  7/12

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