Ambassador 25

Today is another mellow day, with light wind and calm seas and mostly sunny skies.  Just a squall or two, but Steve and I don’t worry about those, because they only seem to come when Marianne is on watch. It’s like the squalls are on the same rotating schedule we are, because whenever Marianne is on deck, that’s when the squalls come.  So we are calling her Squall-Master Marianne now.

We are close along the northern coast of Brazil, and can see the long sandy beaches and sand dunes of this region, but not much else, as there are no hills or mountains anywhere near. Lots of small fishing boats, though. And this morning we passed a wind farm- 15 huge modern windmills lined up along the beach, generating power for somewhere.

The only minor issue today was a bolt of some sort worked loose from a mainsail batten where it attaches to the mast car, which meant that section of sail wasn’t attached to the mast like it should be.

Although we don’t have the right size replacement bolt, a fat cotter pin seems to be doing the job for now.

An interesting ritual we have developed, just by happenstance, is to gather on deck about 30 minutes before sunset every day. It doesn’t seem to matter who is on watch or resting, we all wind up out there, watching the sun go down, wondering what kind of display nature has planned for us each day. Will we get a green flash? Beams of light through the clouds? The red ball of lava sinking into the sea?  With cameras ready, we just relax and watch it unfold, our own private show.

02.47S  41.35W   2316nm gone,  2798nm to go.   2:30pm  7/13

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