Ambassador 23

We got to the coast, but didn’t get much relief. The wind has been blowing 22 to 32 knots since yesterday, with 8 foot frothy seas to match, and its all on our nose- coming right from where we want to go.

We’ve been sailing with 2 reefs in the main and about half a jib, and slowly tacking our way down the coast. Our track looks like the front of Charlie Brown’s shirt. It’s progress, but its slow.  If it continues tomorrow, we may anchor somewhere just to take a break and rest up for a while.

Other than that, the weather remains mostly sunny and hot, and we’re enjoying the gibbous moon at night. We also enjoyed the last of our Suriname mangoes today- hairy, juicy, sweet and delicious.

01.09S  45.09W   2035nm gone,  3033nm to go.   3pm  7/11

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