Ambassador 15

Light winds and no squalls continue today, so perhaps we are in the doldrums? Although I really expected more squalls. Regardless, we motor a lot, sail a little, and make progress south and east.

The event of the day yesterday was the masthead VHF antenna working loose. As the seas were pretty flat, up I went, and it was a much less bruising experience this time. It seems the antenna hadn’t been secured that well at the yard, and didn’t have a lock nut, so the movement of the boat worked it loose. Fortunately there was no damage, and I was able to re-attach it and secure it properly. Since we were sailing at the time, I tried to take a few pictures from up top looking down, but I think I mostly got pictures of my feet .

Last night we passed Georgetown, Guyana, the main city, and a few dozen fishing boats out working their trade. Avoiding them kept us awake during the night shifts without any problem.  About midday today, the clear skies clouded over, although the winds (or lack of) hasn’t yet changed.

As we look ahead, we are considering taking on some more fuel before crossing the Amazon basin, just in case the light winds persist.

Looking into possible places for fuel can be pretty interesting down here, and all the other exotic stuff available (crocodile and monkey meat, fruits and veggies, etc.) make a brief stop sound rather appealing.  We’re not sure yet, and we said we wouldn’t stop, but it is kinda enticing… maybe just for a day, or even a few hours…

06.19N   57.10W    953nm gone, 3885 nm to go     3pm 7/3

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  1. Barbara Lepschy says:

    Liebe Marianne,
    ich sitze hier mit meinem Schulatlas und verfolge eure Fahrt mit dem Finger auf der Karte – und dem dictionary, damit i ois vasteh – und sende euch die herzlichsten Grüße aus dem fernen Hamburg, alles Gute und Wind, dass ihr gut ankommt!

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