Ambassador 92 – Progress

I finally got back to the latitude of the Panama Canal entrance yesterday, so now I feel like I am really making progress north and west. Costa Rica has been nice to me, offering some good breeze yesterday afternoon, and a favorable counter-current to help me along, so I had a day of good progress.

The night was a bit squally, with winds shifting about from East to West to South and back, so not as much rest as I might have liked, but I kept the boat moving in the right direction. It all added up to a nice 172-mile day.

I had another visit from a school of dolphin in the evening, this time they all seemed to be jumping completely out of the water, right next to the boat, as if they wanted to get a good look at me. I think if I would have held my hand out, I could have touched one.

I should be leaving Costa Rica tonight, and entering Nicaragua. Unlike endless Brazil, small countries make it fun, as there is always something new on the horizon.

5/8  8am   10.05N  86.03W    6029nm gone,  4583nm to go.

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