Ambassador 91 – Good Morning Costa Rica

Yesterday was a bit squally and grey, with off and on warm rain, and a bit of sunshine, and few hours of good wind. It was also my farewell to Panama, as early this morning I crossed into the waters of Costa Rica. And it is a clear blue sunny hot day. Alas, still not much wind, though, but I was expecting this, and continue to motorsail along the coast, trying to find favorable counter-currents when I can, which isn’t often.

The coast in these parts is dotted with small islands, and it is nice to see the dense jungle, rocky outcrops, and pristine beaches along the way. Not as carefree as the open ocean, but I am enjoying the scenery, and heading in the right direction.

Last night’s nearly full moon provided an interesting spectacle- a moonbow! Or whatever it is you call it when the moonlight creates a rainbow. Rather than seeing all the colors, though, the bow is all silver and shimmery.

5/7  8am   8.26N  83.44W    5857nm gone, 4748nm to go.

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