Ambassador 78 – Ahhhh, the Caribbean

I received a fine Caribbean welcome yesterday, with sunny skies, 88 degrees (31C), flat seas and 8-12 knots of wind. After rounding the corner of Trinidad, I turned more west, and that brought the wind back to an apparent 150 degrees- a very deep broad reach. With the main and jib up, I was only getting 6 knots of boatspeed, as the jib was being shadowed by the main. Then I thought, wait, these are perfect spinnaker conditions!

So 10 minutes later, the jib was furled and I was flying the big beautiful purple-navy-and-aqua maxi asymmetrical spinnaker. What was 6 knots boatspeed under the jib became 8 knots under the spinnaker. And more importantly, as I sailed the gap between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the rising sun behind me as I entered the Caribbean Sea, I was obeying Rule #4 and Looking Good!

The wind remained steady throughout the day, but went light after the sun set. And then at 3am a strange thing happened. I jibed to port tack. I had been on Starboard tack for the last 3000 miles! I think my left leg had grown an inch in order to reach the slanted deck, so now everything seems mixed up.

I am currently pointed towards Tortuga, and will say “Hi” to Jack Sparrow as I pass. Sorry. *Captain* Jack Sparrow. Actually, I expect to jibe back to starboard later this morning, long before I reach Tortuga. Looking at a Monday arrival in Panama, with less than 1000 miles to go!

4/10 8am   11.34N   64.05W    4473nm gone,   980nm to go

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