Ambassador 52 – Sunny and Better

Conditions have moderated, thankfully, from the bumpy lumpy rocky and rolly stuff I had yesterday. I made good progress though, covering 204 miles for the day, it just wasn’t that comfy of a ride.

The wind and seas both eased a bit over night, and I am now enjoying a sunny day with 12-18 knots of following breeze. The seas are still 6 to 8 feet, but are now rounder and farther apart, so it’s fine.

The coast of southern Brazil goes up and then over, but my plan is go over first, then up. I am using the south winds while I can, hopefully for another day or so, and then I expect a new high to form nearby, and I want it between me and the coast, which is why I am heading offshore. Highs rotate counter-clockwise here, so having it on my left gives me the good wind. Hopefully I get it right!

3/15  8am  33.48S  51.49W   330nm gone 5024nm to go (to Panama Canal)

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