Ambassador 51 – Southwind

My first night underway, and I didn’t sleep much at all. Too many hazards and too much traffic on the river. I am looking forward to some open ocean. Good progress though, as the wind filled in as expected, and is now from the south. Another few hours of sailing east and I should pass Punta Del Este, and can head a bit more north and take better advantage of the wind.

One plus to the wind is that is has gotten rid of most of the insects that had stowed away. I picked up an incredible variety of winged creatures, including moths, butterflies, wasps, several varieties of beetles and regular flies, and some I had no idea what they were. They all seemed very happy to ride along with me last night, but when the wind came I shooed them about and they went on their way.

It got cold last night, all the way down to 72. I guess this is the last week of summer here, so a good time to head north.

3/14 8am  35.00S  55.28W

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