Ambassador 21

First of all, satellite reception is the worst on the equator, surprisingly, so I am having trouble getting  data connection. So be patient over the next few days, just in case.

The sea is an amazing deep blue out here, finally away from the Amazon’s brown influence, and the sky is a blue to match.

Unfortunately, the winds remain very light, and the current is strong against us, even though it is not supposed to be. So we make the best of it, progress slower than we would like, but hard to complain with such beautiful weather.

Steve tried fishing (trolling a line) with an ultralight spinning rod for most of yesterday, but only upon reeling in the lure at sunset did he realize he hadn’t taken the protective plastic cover off the hook!  So theoretically, a fish may have swallowed it, only to have us yank it back out of his mouth, since there was no hook to catch him with. Fishing experts we are not.

01.41N   46.53W   1750nm gone, 3200nm to go.   3pm  7/9

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