Ambassador 20

Today has been pleasantly uneventful so far.  8 to 10 knots of breeze, mostly flat seas, lots of sunshine and blue skies, some puffy white clouds, and hot. We are finally offshore enough to see some sealife, and twice now dolphin have paid us a visit. But its not offshore enough to avoid the influence of the mighty Amazon river. Even this far out, its effluent (along with a 17-foot tidal swing) affects us, creating currents, swirls and eddies seemingly in the middle of the ocean.

It is interesting how little we get done each day. Maybe it’s the influence of the weather, the routine, our diet, the rotating watch schedule, and I don’t know what else, but we tend to lay around a lot, and not have a lot of energy. Its rather nice, really, as there’s not that much that needs to be done. One day I cut my finger nails AND my toe nails. That was an exhausting day. The next day I just shaved.

Yesterday was laundry. After all that acivity, there’s nothing scheduled for today, allowing us all to recover from our individual efforts.

One thing is for sure- we have a lot of time with nothing but our own thoughts for company. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

02.56N  48.49W   1604nm gone,  3340nm to go.  3pm 7/8.

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