Know Your Knots – or Have the App!

-By Tradewinds Member Tim G.

Hey Matt

Had a great day sailing on Wind Song on Sunday.     Setting out from the dock, we knew we would be putting in the 2nd reef right away due to the projected gusty winds.

As we reviewed the running rigging, the 2nd reef sheet was not fed through the clutch so we wouldn’t be able to secure it – the port winch would be taken by the mainsheet.

We tried to fit the reef sheet through it’s clutch, but it was too large to feed through so we found a thinner sheet and fed it forward though the clutch to a point forward on the cabin top.

We reefed in the 2nd reef, and then secured the thinner sheet around the reef sheet with a rolling hitch (our memory refreshed via the ASA app on my iphone) and then tightened and clutched the thinner sheet.

ASA APP 2 3 4

It worked like a charm and we had a blast sailing in 25+ gusts around the GG bridge and back thru the slot.

Cheers, Tim

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