Have a Fender at the Ready

Someone asked me once where I get the ideas for the skipper’s tips.  My answer was, “watching the docks.”  If you watch, it doesn’t take long to see something tip worthy.  On any Saturday you will see at least one instance were someone has to fend of from the dock, another boat, or a concrete post.  Generally body parts are used for the purpose.  Once in awhile a boat hook will be placed into service.  Neither is a good idea.  Body parts break and boat hooks are not at all secure.  Here is a better way!

Part of the Tradewinds pre-cruise check list is to verify the location and number of fenders.  Don’t check that item off the list until you have placed one fender “at the ready.”  What’s that mean?  Remove it from the lazarette or untie it from the stern pulpit so that it can be placed into service as a roving fender without delay.  Never depart a slip, begin a docking, or operate in close quarters without having a fender ready to fend off in the event of a mishap.  I assure you, sooner of later you are going to need it!

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