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Inland Navigation Rules – Simplified! 1 through 6 – By Tradewinds Instructor Virginia L.

Inland Navigation Rules Nav Rules Made Easy The Navigation Rules are also commonly called “rules of the road” and apply to you, me and all Tradewinds skippers. The rules are nicknamed, “Colregs” which stands for International Regulations for Preventing Collisions … Continue reading

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Tradewinds Checkouts

We require our members to be “Checked Out” on every boat before they can reserve it. Some may view it as an extra chore or hurdle that is time consuming and annoying, but there are several reasons we do checkouts … Continue reading

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Downwind Slip Skipper’s Tip!

Got the blues leaving the downwind slips? With the onset of summer and the steady winds, we’ve seen a few close calls in the fairway. This looks like a great time to publish a docking skipper’s tip! When backing out … Continue reading

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No, I’m not cursing at you, although it is one of my personal pet-peeves! Here it is from Merriam-Webster: verb \ˈfrap\ frapped frap·ping Definition of FRAP transitive verb :  to draw tight (as with ropes or cables) <frap a sail> I’m … Continue reading

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Ngalawa Cup: Racing on the East Coast of Africa! By Kevin Mihalik

This past summer I was approached by my friend who badly wanted to participate in the Ngalawa Cup Sailing Race in Tanzania. He needed an experienced sailor to sign up his team, and he knew that I was a Tradewinds … Continue reading

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Docking on the Windward Side!

I made it clear last time that I usually prefer the leeward side, but there are good reasons to use the windward side as well, now that we were able to to get one of the aluminum docks in buffalo … Continue reading

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Docking on the leeward side!

But it’s so much easier to use the windward side! You just stop the boat and it bumps the dock and you are there! Why would you choose the leeward side? Here are a couple of reasons: It’s the only … Continue reading

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Sailing Knots vs. Non-Sailing Knots!

Ever wonder why certain knots are part of the curriculum and certain knots are left out? Perhaps you know some rescue knots or construction knots that sailors don’t use? Maybe you are good at tying things up and just make … Continue reading

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Ballena Bay Yacht Club – By Marianne Wheeler

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to appreciate more and participate more in the many benefits and opportunities that our Tradewinds Sailing Club offers. In particular, I had the Ballena Bay Yacht Club Associate Membership in mind. … Continue reading

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Skipper’s Tip – Corrosion & Equipment Failure

It has been said around Tradewinds that there are many things on a boat that can be fixed with liberal application of fresh water. Here are a few of our favorite examples of why that is true – please consider … Continue reading

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