Ambassador 111

I have arrived, without any incident or drama at the finish. Tied to the doc at 1pm.
The weather yesterday and last night was very cooperative, still some lumpy seas, but good winds, so I made good progress.
Everyone always seems to want statistics from a trip like this, so here’s the final numbers:

Ambassador – Beneteau 51.5,   Buenos Aires to San Francisco 2012
Facts about this voyage:

8,820         Nautical Miles sailed on this journey  (that’s 10,150 regular miles or 16,335 kilometers)
54              Number of Days underway
82              Degrees of latitude sailed
111            Degrees of longitude sailed (1/3 of the planet)
39             Number of days sailing in the tropics
6.80          Average speed in knots for entire voyage
100           Percent of days with sunshine
71             Ounces of bottled water I consumed on a daily average for cooking and drinking
2               Ounces of alcohol consumed during the entire voyage (rum with Neptune at the equator)
0               Number of days I wore foulies
13             Percentage of days sailing upwind
232           Most nautical miles sailed in a 24-hour period
94              Least nautical miles sailed in a 24-hour period
21             Number of countries whose waters I sailed in
3               Number of oceans I sailed in (South Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Pacific- plus Caribbean Sea)
1               Number of fresh water lakes I sailed in  (Gatun Lake in Panama- part of the canal)

-David Kory

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