Ambassador 103 – On the road again

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 week break back home, and have now returned to Mexico to try to finish my long voyage to San Francisco. I arrived into Los Cabos yesterday afternoon, and departed right away, as there were lighter winds forecast for a day or two.

So far so good, although not as light as forecast, but I am making progress up the Baja peninsula, and hope to be at Santa Maria, just north of Magdalena Bay, late tonight. I will be fighting a 1-knot current most of the way up the coast, so speeds get notched down a bit, and everything takes a little longer now. Tuesday afternoon is looking pretty breezy and bumpy, but I may be OK staying close to shore. We’ll see how it goes and how I feel, and if things get too ugly I’ll anchor and wait it out.

One benefit of taking that break is that I missed the new moon, and enjoyed a nearly full moon last night. Despite the sunny days, the weather is cooler now as I am getting north, into the low 70’s at night, and I officially crossed the tropic of Cancer today, so I am no longer in the tropics…

6/4   8am     24.00N   111.06W    7701nm gone   1057nm to go

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