Ambassador 102 – Break Time in Cabo

Once again, the weather changed a bit yesterday, and was not quite what was forecast. I started seeing 20-25 knots from the west, and seas rapidly built to short, steep, 4 to 6 foot breakers. Fortunately, I only had to endure a few hours of this, and it wasn’t on my nose, but I decided to take a break anyway. So I pulled in to San Jose Del Cabo, the marina we used for the last Puerto Vallarta race, and was tied to a dock just before sunset- perfect!

You may recall that my original plan was a 5-week offshore route to San Francisco. But the winds said no, so I went the coastal route. And it went super quick. I thought I would be stopping along the way to wait for better weather, but I had great weather the whole time and never stopped. So the trip was too quick, as it turns out. The state of California has an issue with the boat if it enters before June 9, so I have to wait for about 2 weeks someplace. I was thinking Ensenada, so I would be there and the Baja part behind me, but with the revised weather down here, I would be stuck in Cabo for 4 or 5 days anyway. So I decided to just park here for the two weeks, and fly home for a while- an unexpected bonus!

I will return to Cabo on June 3, and depart whenever the weather looks good after that.

5/18  8am   23.03N  109.40W    7585nm gone,  1169nm to go.

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