Ambassador 98 – Slowing down

The high rise hotels of Acapulco passed alongside yesterday afternoon, and in the evening I started getting some adverse current, so things are starting to slow down just a bit.

I discovered an interesting and surprising variety of bugs and beetles on the boat yesterday, seemingly from nowhere. I haven’t been close enough to shore to have caught them as strays, so I am guessing these are the hatchlings from bugs that came aboard while I was in Panama. Nothing serious, but all of sudden they seemed to be everywhere. And already this morning their numbers are much reduced.

I enjoyed some glow-in-the-dark dolphins last night. It’s when the algae in the water makes everything that disturbs it phosphoresce, or glow green. The boat wake, small waves, everything glows in the dark. But the dolphins are amazing like that, you can see them coming from 100 yards away like torpedoes, and even with no moon they are lit up like daytime under the bow. Very fun, and a nice break to the night.

I’ll be passing Zuhuatenejo and Ixtapa this morning, continuing towards Manzanillo.

5/14  8am   17.31N    101.31W    7004nm gone,   1736nm to go.

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