Ambassador 76 – Easy Easter

Happy Easter!
It seems Easter describes my day today, too-  the winds are light and easy from the east, making them an easter. The seas are pretty calm, much like yesterday, but there is less wind now, less than 10 knots. It is supposed to increase a bit in the afternoon, which would be welcome, so this may be a fridge-chillin’ battery-chargin’ morning.

We tend to think of North America on top, then Central America, then South America on bottom. But at this moment, somewhere off the border of Guyana and Venezuela, I am already further north than the Panama canal!  I just have to arc over Venezuela a few more degrees, and head west for 1000 miles, then back south a few degrees. And when I transit form the Atlantic to the Pacific, I will be heading due south! It’s all true- check a map.

I took a symbolic step this morning. I removed the South America memory chip from the chart plotter, and replaced it with the Caribbean chip. There’s some overlap between them, and that’s where I am now, so mentally I am ready for the Caribbean. I expect to pass between Trinidad and Tobago early tomorrow morning, which I suppose is officially my entry into the Caribbean sea.

Hope your Easter is a pleasant one, mine looks to be sunny and warm.

4/8  8am   9.51N   58.25W   4126nm gone,  1338nm to go.

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