Ambassador 72 – What?!? I’m not alone?

Sunrise this morning beheld an amazing sight- another sailboat!  I haven’t even seen a tanker or container ship or anything in over 3 days, so what a surprise is this! It appears to be on the same track I am, maybe 10 miles ahead. I have the weather gauge, and think I am sailing maybe a knot faster, so perhaps this afternoon I can engage them.

Yesterday and last night were thankfully routine and consistent, with boat speed near 8 knots, so another nice chunk of ocean behind me. As expected, I started to pick up some favorable current just below latitude 2, and that has been helping, for sure.

I am still maybe 13 days away from Panama, but I find myself doing the countdown already, and feel like I am getting into the homestretch. I am sure Neptune has more surprises in store for me, but my mind is more and more on being there.

It seems this weather will hold for another 2 days at least, so hopefully more of the same- wind 10 to 15 knots at 120 degrees apparent, which this boat loves, and more uneventful miles under the keel.

4/4  8am   2.56N  46.45W   3326nm gone  2150nm to go

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