Ambassador 61- On the Road Again

I was expecting to be stuck until Sunday, but last night it looked like there would be a 12-hour lull between the waves of strong headwinds, so I decided to go. I departed last night and had a good run- for a while. Now I am paying the price, with some slow upwind work. This should only be for today, as both the farther north I get and the more time that passes will make conditions improve. And I am doing both so I can endure one slow day.

I am pleased to have the primary autopilot driving the boat again, which makes it more relaxing for me. So that’s my plan for today. Try to relax, pass the time and work my way north, with visions of fair winds and following seas not far off the horizon…

3/24  8am  19.22S  39.40W  1488nm gone,  3933nm to go

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