Ambassador 55 – Blue Circles. Again.

I am living again in blue circles. The sky above me, the horizon around me, the ocean below me, everything is blue and in every direction, uninterrupted. So its like being in a big blue circle.

Fortunately, I happen to like it. It means all is well, weather is good, etc. Surprisingly, though, I have not seen another ship of any kind early Thursday, when a tanker and a bulk carrier crossed my horizon many miles away. Since then, nothing.

It is very relaxing this way, off the continental shelf, so no worries about fishing boats or nets or rocks or other hazards. But that also means there are no fishing boats or rocks or coastline to look at, either. It can be a tough choice. But the weather decided this route for me, really.

My weather strategy and choice of sailing 200 miles offshore seems to have been a good one. Looking at the weather this morning, I have E-SE wind, a calm sea for my beam reach, sunny warm days and starry warm nights.

Along the coast, however, its a different story. There is weak high pressure between me and the coast, so there it is blowing 15 -20 knots from the NE. And that means I would be pounding directly into the wind and waves, slamming the boat and probably looking for the nearest anchorage to hide in while waiting for better weather.

So, I am a happy boy for now.

3/18 8am 29.00S 44.39W 807nm gone, 4575nm to go (to Panama)

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