Skipper’s Tip, 4/04/2011

The best sailing is approaching and many of you may be hoping to get asked to crew for a skipper. The obvious thing to do is post a message on the Tradewinds Message Board under Available to Crew. But there is much more you can do to ensure you have the most success in finding slots on boats.

Go to the forum Looking for Crew, scroll to the bottom and check “subscribe to forum.” You will then get an email each time a skipper posts on this forum. Best of all, you will get emails when skippers post last minute openings, which often is the case. A side benefit is that you no longer have to keep “watching” the forum to know when there is a new posting.

By Marcus Libkind, Tradewinds Member

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  1. Sam James says:

    Thanks for the tip. It is a great idea. I have gone to the board many times and not found anything new or there were requests for dates that had already passed.

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