Ambassador 49

Almost there!  The weather system I was going to wait out got delayed a bit, so I decided to keep going. I pulled into Punta Del Este just to check it out anyway, and from there I was headed due west. Although the wind was gusting to 30, it was from the NE, so my westerly route means it was behind me, plus it was an offshore wind, so the water was flat. I made great progress, and at Piriapolis the winds were moderate with no sign of the approaching system yet, so onward I went.

I passed Montevideo a little after sunset, officially into brown water and on the Rio de la Plata, the widest river in the world (30 to 40 miles wide here). As there was still no sign of the new weather system,  I decided to push all the way, knowing I would get some rain and spoiling my otherwise perfect record in that regard. But the updated weather said that if I waited I would likely have to wait until Monday for the delayed system to pass, and being so close, I just couldn’t stop. Plus, the farther west I got (up the river), the less severe the new weather would be.

So,  I am almost there. The wind became variable about midnight, and the rain arrived at 3am, so after the center of the low passes overhead later today the new southerly system will kick in. But by then I will be far up the river and really close. I couldn’t repair the fuel/water separator filter thingy, so I installed an in-line filter bypass which is working fine, so no worries about the motor for when I need it. Barring any last minute surprises I should arrive late today (Saturday). The total journey will have been 5500nm, encompassing 38 days of sailing. Whew!

Anyway, I’ll send a final message letting you know I made it to the dock, hopefully late tonight or tomorrow morning.

34.49S  57.05W  5393nm gone, 68nm to go.  8am  9/17

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