Ambassador 47

It got c-c-c-cold last night!  When they say the weather fronts come up from Antarctica, they mean it. I was watching for iceberg and penguins last night, after layering  on most all of my clothes. I even put on shoes, for the first time in over 5000 miles.

Other than that, it was a good day, with more clear skies and sunshine and following winds and seas. The wind went directly aft last night, so the boat rocks a bit more now, and it’s a bit harder to keep the helm balanced and neutral, but I continue to make progress and it’s a dry point of sail. If my luck holds and weather cooperates, I could arrive into Buenos Aires Sunday or Monday, depending on how long I need to hide in Punta Del Este.

An interesting tidbit- I read that long-distance single-handed sailors (not just day-sailing) are a rare breed indeed . Not even one in a million do what I did. Apparently I am only one in 10 million. I always knew I was a little different…

32.38S  52.04W  5071nm gone, 389nm to go.  8am  9/15

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