Ambassador 45

About as perfect as it could get. That’s what yesterday was. The sun burned through the clouds by late morning, and the rest of the day was clear and sunny and nice. And the wind came to 12 knots from the NE, making for perfect broad-reaching spinnaker conditions. And it was so stable, I didn’t need to adjust a thing for 14 hours!  As the sun went down, a huge orange 100% full moon rose, and lit the night like daytime.  The wind did finally veer a bit during the night, but I continued making good progress with the jib.

I scrutinized all the weather info this morning, as the next leg is a longer one, with no shelter for about 300 miles. And based on my meteorological analysis, I need to be like Louie Louie- I gotta go now.  I should see winds this morning from the South, then SE, then East in the afternoon, and finally NE tonight, and then the strength will build. The idea is to stay ahead of the gale that will be chasing me as much as possible, and get to Punta Del Este, Uruguay before things get too exciting. I’ll hide there while the NE gale passes, and continue waiting while a southern gale passes the other way the next day.  If all goes well, I could leave Uruguay late Sunday, and get into Buenos Aires sometime Monday. Of course, all this could change, as weather forecasting is not an exact science…

Hopefully the next few days won’t be too exciting, but I’ll let you know.

28.27S  48.43W   4757nm gone, 695nm to go.  8am  9/13

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