Ambassador 43

I am comfortably anchored in Paranagua, after crossing the bar at first light, around 6am. It’s a large bay, so of course I had to explore a little bit before dropping the hook. The big surprise here- patchy fog, and I could see my own breath in the air!  The tropics sure forget you fast. If it keeps getting colder, I won’t be able to run around in swim trunks and barefoot day and night anymore. What if I have to (horror!) put on shoes?   It’s a good thing there is only 10 days left of winter, and then I am sure everything will suddenly get warm to herald the arrival of spring.

Yesterday remained lightly overcast with peeks of sun, but the winds were light and the seas calm, so it made for an easy day.  At the moment, it looks like I will wait out a southerly front today, and hopefully make some more progress tomorrow, but obviously I will be watching the weather closely to figure the best timing.

I’ve got a short list of basic maintenance to do today with the boat stopped, and I also plan to rest and relax a bit, as I am expecting a few days of wild and woolly downwind again soon…

It’s kind of nice being disconnected- I imagine lots of 9/11 anniversary news today, but I am not missing it.

Anchored at 25.33S  48.23W   4566nm gone,  857nm to go.  8am  9/11

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