Ambassador 32

Mostly south for me yesterday. Still a little bit of east to go, but not much. I think by tomorrow I will start putting the west back into things. Considering I started out around 64 degrees west, and am now at 34 degrees west (plus these lines of longitude were at the equator, where they are farthest apart), and must still get back to 58 degrees west, that’s a lot of back and forth just to get around Brazil.

It stayed pretty windy yesterday, mostly 25 knots, but at an angle that allowed me to sail lightning bolts- one long tack down the coast, then a short one out to sea, then repeat, making my track look like a lightning bolt. At night it eased a bit and I pointed offshore more, allowing me to rest.
I know I must be heading into the southern winter (or maybe spring by the time I get there), because last night it got so cold, I had to put on a T-shirt!  This tropical stuff is rough duty…

This morning has 15 knots of wind at a decent angle, but leftover larger seas for now, so I am continuing mostly south under conservative sail.

06.35S  34.54W   2936nm gone,  2283nm to go.  8am  8/31

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