Brandy’s Chartering Tips – The first night…

Whenever possible, book your charter so that you are staying on the boat the first night at the marina you are departing from. The advantages are numerous.

Staying at the departure location the first night allows you to get settled in and unpacked without hurry. You will have time to get to know the layout of your boat and learn how your systems work. You can take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the switches, valves, and other equipment before you are out of reach of the support of the charter company.

If possible, try to use all of the systems of the boat before you get underway and out to that remote anchorage. By cooking, eating and showering on board the first night, you will discover any non-working equipment while you can still get help from the charter company to fix it before you go. We have some examples from our last two charters, none of which were any type of issue because they were fixed before we left the dock. Clogged shower drain filters, non-working fuel gauges, leaking fresh water systems – all of these things occur regularly on charter boats and the maintenance staff can’t possibly find everything unless it has been reported by the previous charterer.

Staying on the boat the night before you leave will also give you time to leisurely go through your provisioning and make any runs to the local markets without the pressure of getting the boat underway and getting to your first anchorage before night-fall.

Note: Since you did use the galley and the showers, be sure to top off your water again before you leave in the morning!

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  1. Steve Knapp says:

    Brandy, this is excellent advice. We did this on our charter in BVI this month and will never charter again without doing this. The extra cost is well worth it, cheaper than three hotel rooms, and adds a significant margin of safety! The other thing that helps one heck of a lot is pre-charter provisioning for food you do not need to visually check and select. It is great to have those provisions on board when you arrive the night before. We got on board @ 1800, got everything safely and securely stowed without the stress and pressure of simultaneously going through a boat check-out, and discovered a few equipment and pre-charter provision problems, all which were resolved before 1000 the next morning (by the Moorings). We opened a bottle of ice cold Proseco and had a picnic in the cockpit before settling in for the night at the marina. The other huge advantage was that the crew only had to focus on finishing provisioning the morning of departure. Steve

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