Ambassador 30

Well, the first day out had a little of everything. As expected, the first few hours of rounding the point at Fortaleza was slow going, with 25 knots on the nose and short steep seas due to the compression of the point, much like Point Sur. But I inched my way along, and eventually started to break free of the compression zone. By afternoon, the wind had veered and the seas had mellowed, and I was sailing along in 15 knots happy as can be right on the rhumb line, with clear skies, sunshine and 87 degrees.
The evening saw the winds increase again, and start to veer back onto my nose. But with no moon, the stars were fabulous in the clear sky. By midnight, the winds picked up to 25 again and the seas built to go with it, and I was running back to land for cover. About 4am a front came through bringing some clouds and 30 knots, but it only lasted about an hour.  This morning I am back along the coastline with winds of 15-20, the skies are clearing back up, and I am making progress.

04.42S  37.08W   2698nm gone,  2509nm to go.  8am  8/29

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