Skipper’s Tip, 8/22/11 – Dock Courtesy

Tradewinds has done a great job of developing good relations with the vessel owners on D dock.  We can help with the good relations by being courteous.

When we roll our carts down to the boat or to unload the boat after a fun day on the water we should keep them  and our gear off the walk way so others can get by.  When we are done with the cart we should inspect it to see if it needs cleaning.

When washing down boats keep an eye on where the overspray goes.  Not everyone appreciates our overspray getting on their vessel, especially when their boat is undergoing painting.

On your next cruise check that all dock lines are installed per the diagram in the boat’s notebook.  The lines are tied in such a way so the boat rests near the steps and there is slack on the leeward side.  Dock lines should not have to be untied.

Thanks to all for helping to make Tradewinds a family.

By Tradewinds Instructor Bill Yawn

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