Ambassador 18

Today has us sailing along the coast of French Guiana, which from our perspective doesn’t look a whole lot different than the last two countries. Although we have seen a few taller, more modern buildings here, and there are less fishing boats about.

The sky remains very open and blue, the sun strong and hot, and the water mostly a milky green and still on the shallow side, which should persist until tomorrow, when we will start to get farther from shore.

The winds are light, and look to stay that way for a while, maybe down to the equator and beyond, so we switch from sailing to motoring when progress gets too slow, confident in the resources of our new crew members Larry, Mo and Curly. The equatorial current still punishes us off and on, and we see our speed drop a knot when going against the stream. Not much to be done about that here, unfortunately.

We are happy to be making some progress, and some southing again, as we start to anticipate our audience with King Neptune somewhere off the Amazon river basin. Marianne and I are trying to get Steve to put out his fishing line and catch us something tasty, he is holding back, saying the water here is too shallow and not clear enough for his tastes.

We shared the first mango from yesterday’s picking, and it was delicious.

05.27N  52.44W  1318nm gone,  3618nm to go.   3pm 7/6

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