Ambassador 9

I think we are ready !
We’ve been working all morning on much of the last minute stuff, and although the masthead work didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, we made it work, and hope it will last for a month. The air conditioning units are all working, but we wont use them at sea anyway. Fuel and water tanks are full, fridge and freezer and supply cabinets are full, and the gear is stowed. So for now, the plan is to relax a bit and have lunch, then head out for a sea trial to make everything works right. If it does, we’ll keep going. If we discover an issues, then we’ll come back and get it fixed.

One small job we decided to save was installing pad eyes on deck, to mount the spinnaker turning blocks. Rather than guess at the correct location, we’ll hoist the sail at some point and see where the blocks need to be, then install the pad eyes. With the generator, we can drill and saw and do pretty much anything we can do at the dock, just with less stability…

Off we go…

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