Ambassador 7

Its amazing how all those little  things that need to be done take every minute of a very long day. Besides installing some new gear, and relocating some old gear, and running all the wires everywhere to try and hide them, climbing into impossible spaces behind and underneath everything, there’s little things that keep presenting themselves. Like a hatch lock that stopped working, or a GPS antenna that needed some solder, or running to the store for a part or some goop. Anyway, a long day its been, I’m all tuckered out, but much has been completed.

As I write this, Steve and Marianne are headed to the airport, and will be joining me here tomorrow morning. Hooray!  Now I will have someone to hoist me up the mast. And a few other things…  It will be great to have them here, and if tomorrow goes well, we may depart on Monday. But one item outstanding is the 3rd air conditioner, and despite taking it apart this morning and promising that our classic air conditioning services would finish fixing it today, they didn’t get it done. So if I am waiting for local folks on Caribbean tine, it may be a Tuesday departure.

One of the fun chores today was programming in a 10-point route for the journey. Nothing strict, of course, but a general route so we get a feel for distances. And yes, it was fun having to use Latitudes in both North and South. I am ready to go!  Just a few more days…


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