Learn to sail on San Francisco Bay. Tradewinds stands apart from other sailing schools. Stop by and visit our sailing school and club. Our ASA course offering prepares you for sailing the Bay or anywhere in the world. Sailing schools on San Francisco Bay.

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Sailing School

Challenge-in (BKB - ASA 101, BCC - ASA 103, or BBC - ASA 104)

Sailing Lessons San Francisco Bay school instruction bay area classes club Rentals Learn to sail Women sailingPrerequisites

  • Experience!


Single Day


If you have sailing experience or have taken classes elsewhere, it is possible to join the club by performing a "Challenge-In". This will take most of a day. We will spend the time teaching you how Tradewinds members check boats in and out, covering some Tradewinds-specific procedures and policies, and verifying your skills at the level you'd like to join. If you do not already have certifications, you will also have to take the written tests from ASA.

The cost for the Challenge-In is listed on our course schedule and includes the cost of the boat & instructor for the day as well as your certifications and books. You must have certifications to be a club member at the Skipper or Fleet levels.

We recommend challenging course levels only if you are going to challenge 103 or higher. If you are only planning on challenging 101, it is more cost effective to take the class, especially if you purchase a 3-class package. Even if some of the material is review for you, these are three valuable days on the water with one of our awesome instructors, and you are bound to learn something new! You can review the standards for each level on the ASA website.

Once you have joined the club, you'll need to start attending checkouts on all of the boats you are qualified to sail. You have to attend a checkout on each boat before you'll be able to reserve it and sail it. Checkouts are approximately 2 hours, are free, and are scheduled several times per week. We use the two hours to familiarize you with the boat systems and operation and perform some maneuvering drills. This ensures that when you take a boat on your own, you know how everything works and can have a fun, safe day on the water.

We also recommend reading our FAQs page & downloading the current club manual to familiarize yourself with the way our club works.

What Boats are Used

The boat assigned to this course will vary, depending on the challenge-in level.

When You Complete this Course

After successfully completing and passing a Challenge-In, you will have all of the same qualifications as a student who attended the courses you challenged, with the ability to join the club at the appropriate levels.

Sailing Lessons San Francisco Bay school instruction bay area classes club Rentals Learn to sail Women sailing

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