Learn to sail on San Francisco Bay. Tradewinds stands apart from other sailing schools. Stop by and visit our sailing school and club. Our ASA course offering prepares you for sailing the Bay or anywhere in the world. Sailing schools on San Francisco Bay.

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Sailing School

Our Teaching Methodology

We have discovered over many years of teaching that the traditional way of learning is the best way to learn. When you take lessons from qualified instructors, practice, get feedback, and continue to learn, you get as much out of learning as you put in.

Think about the last time you learned to do something well. It took time and practice. Don't be talked into shortcuts... learning is a continuous process.

The Tradewinds Way

Our training methodology works great, and at the end of the ASA course series, you will be a competent skipper.

Here is how your training will progress:

  • Learn. Each ASA course exposes you to a set of new skills. We teach using a combination of minimal classroom time and maximum on-the-water exercises. Each course's skill set builds on prior knowledge.

  • Practice. After completing a course, you practice the new skills using one of our Sailing Club boats. You track your practice sessions by using the course exercise sheet as a guideline. Completing the exercise sheet usually takes 5-7 practice sessions on the water.

When you know you know,
your crew knows you know.

Benefits of the Tradewinds Methodology

  • We limit our sailing courses to 3 or 4 students
  • You have the same instructor each day of your course
  • Each instructor is ASA-certified for the training level that they teach
  • You get a different instructor at each course level, which exposes you to different experience

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