Ambassador 36

It’s been nice having some down time here in Salvador. I’ve had a chance to get to a few maintenance items that are so much easier when not actually sailing, I’ve organized all the food stores so I know what I actually have to work with , and I slept all night long- the first time in a week.

Skies are partly cloudy here, and the wind is starting to come down, so it now looks like I may depart late this afternoon or evening, rather than tomorrow morning. I continue to watch the actual conditions as well as forecasts, and I think the next leg should be pretty good. I am expecting close reaching for up to a day, then lighter wind beam reaching for a day or two, then broad reaching and running down to Cabo Frio and the big right turn towards Rio.  If all goes as planned, I hope to make the next 750nm to Rio in one shot, and if the weather continues to cooperate when I get there, I’ll keep going. If not, it seems like a nice place to stop for a rest.

The temperature dropped a few degrees last night, and dipped into the upper 70’s for the first time- another indicator that I am making progress to the south.

Anchored at 12.58S  38.31W   3451nm gone,  1845nm to go.  9am  9/4

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