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Sailing Club

Membership Rate sheet

(as of May 1, 2021)

We offer an outstanding membership program that is untouched anywhere on The Bay.

  • No initiation fee - We do not charge an initiation or processing fee for joining the club.
  • Low, flat monthly rate for unlimited sailing on The Bay
  • Flexible membership levels
  • Sail boats on the San Francisco Bay

We offer the following three membership options. Please see our Membership Program page for details about each membership type.

  • Fleet
  • Skipper
  • Mate

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As a Fleet member, your first year requires a one-year contract that you pay monthly and is all-inclusive. There is no additional membership fee.

After your first year, your membership is automatically renewed month-to-month.

As a Fleet member, you can also rent boats outside of your membership fleet. If you take out a boat that is in the next Fleet above yours, you pay 50% of that boat's Skipper daily rate. If you take out a boat that is two or more Fleets above yours, you pay 75% of that boat's Skipper daily rate. Three fleets up is full daily rate.


Skipper memberships are also on a one year contract, but boat use is not included in the monthly fee. Your monthly fee is a $75/month club fee plus your boat usage.


As a Mate member, you can attend all club events. You also have access to our website bulletin board for crewing opportunities.

The Mate membership costs $40 per month.

Rate List



Fleet Membership
(flat monthly rate*)


Skipper Membership
(daily rate)

  Unlimited   12 to 24 hrs
Copper $175   $175
Bronze $275   $275
Silver $375   $375
Gold $475   $475
Platinum $695   $695

* Prices based on a twelve month agreement. You can also take out any boat on which you are checked out from any lower Fleet.



Fleet Membership Cost Examples

Example #1 - Membership comparison - If you join a Skipper Membership after taking Basic Keel Boat, your cost is $75/month X 12 months, or $900 for the year membership. Sail 7 full days over the course of the year at $175/day X 8 = $1,400 and your total sailing cost is $2,125. Join at the Copper Fleet level after your Basic Keel Boat Class, and your year contract is $175 X 12, or $2,100, regardless of whether you sail 7 days or 70!

Example #2 - Sailing boats not in your membership fleet -- If you are a Silver Fleet member and sail a Gold Fleet boat one day during the month, that month’s payment will be your normal $375 monthly Fleet fee, and you would pay 50% of the Gold Fleet full daily rate of $475, or $237.50 for the day's use.

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