Learn to sail on San Francisco Bay. Tradewinds stands apart from other sailing schools. Stop by and visit our sailing school and club. Our ASA course offering prepares you for sailing the Bay or anywhere in the world. Sailing schools on San Francisco Bay.

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Sailing Club

We have a membership program that fits your need...

Our Sailing Club offers several membership options on the San Francisco Bay. We believe that you will not find a better program or better prices anywhere else on The Bay. After reviewing our programs below, be sure to review our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Fleet Membership Program -- Unlimited Sailing

This program is perfect for students practicing their skills and other frequent sailors. As a Fleet member, you pay one low monthly fee -- NO MATTER HOW OFTEN you sail during the month. This program is a Tradewinds exclusive. No other club comes close.

Our membership has 5 Fleet levels:

  • Copper - Small boats, typicall 25' and under, with tillers and outboard motors
  • Bronze - Inboard diesels and wheels, 27' to 31'
  • Silver - 31 - 38' boats
  • Gold - boats 35' - 43' boats

Members can sail boats for which they are qualified, outside of their Fleet by paying 50% (1 fleet up), 75% (2 fleets up), or 100% (more than 2 fleets up) of that boat's daily rate (see the Skipper program for daily rate membership.)

The Fleet membership level requires a first year annual contract. Members can upgrade to the next higher Fleet level by paying the new Fleet monthly rate for the remainder of their membership contract.

As you can see, for less than what most boat owners pay for slip rent, you can use a fleet of boats without the additional cost of boat ownership. The more you sail, the better the deal.
Review our rate list

Skipper (Daily Rate) Membership Program - Pay as you Go

This program is ideal for members who are trying out sailing or who only sail occasionally. Skipper members pay a low daily rate each time they use a boat. You can sail boats on the San Francisco Bay. Our rates are the best value in the Bay Area, typically 10%-30% below the competition.

Skipper members can sail any day of the week and pay the boat's daily rate.
Review our rate list...

Mate Membership Program - All the fun, but no boat rental

We also offer a third membership type--Mate Membership. As a Mate member, you can attend all club events. You also have access to our website bulletin board for crewing opportunities. The Mate membership costs $40 per month.


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