Learn to sail on San Francisco Bay. Tradewinds stands apart from other sailing schools. Stop by and visit our sailing school and club. Our ASA course offering prepares you for sailing the Bay or anywhere in the world. Sailing schools on San Francisco Bay.

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Sailing Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions that we get asked by our Club members and people interested in the Tradewinds Sailing Club.

Can I sail on my own after BKB?

Yes! You can join and sail many of our our Copper Fleet boats after BKB.

I would like to read the Tradewinds Club Manual.

You can download our latest club manual from our website.

Do I have to be a Tradewinds Sailing School graduate to use a boat?

No. If you are not a Tradewinds Sailing School graduate, you must complete our Practical Skills Challenge-in Review before you can join the club and reserve any of our boats.

What is the reservation policy?

A member can have only 2 reservations in the system at one time, or a total of 48 hours.

What is the cancellation policy?

Your reservation must be cancelled 72 hours in advance. Members canceling within 72 hours may be charged $50.

How do I reserve a boat?

Reservations are taken using the Tradewinds Internet reservation system or our iPhone & Android apps.

How do I get approved (checked out) to sail a boat in my fleet?

As a Tradewinds Sailing School student, you are normally approved to sail the boats used in your course once you become a member of the club. You can reserve those boats anytime after your class.

If you want to sail another boat that is in your membership fleet, you must attend a scheduled checkout on that boat. Tradewinds holds 2-hour boat checkouts throughout the year on various boats.

Since almost every boat in our Club is different, the purpose of a checkout is to

  • familiarize you with a boat's systems -- engine, head, galley
  • show you all through-hull locations
  • note unique rigging setups
  • give you the opportunity to experience how the boat handles under power
How do I move up to the next fleet?

Tradewinds boats are restricted by your skill level. You must have completed the proper course in order to check out on the boats. See our list of boats and the required course levels on our Fleet Page.

I have not sailed at Tradewinds for the last 6 months, can I reserve a boat?

We will need to speak with you and approach every sailor's situation with a customized plan to get you back out on the water.

Can I take my pet on the boat?

No. Tradewinds has a No Pet policy on all of its boats as a courtesy to other members and boat owners.

Can I single hand a boat?

No. You must have one crew member with you when you sail or motor a club boat.

Can I sail at night?

No. We do not allow sailing or motoring after sunset.


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