Learn to sail on San Francisco Bay. Tradewinds stands apart from other sailing schools. Stop by and visit our sailing school and club. Our ASA course offering prepares you for sailing the Bay or anywhere in the world. Sailing schools on San Francisco Bay.

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ASA 104 - Bareboat Charter ($1,045.00)
Starts Vacancy Day Date Boat
(In Progress)2Sat, Aug 17, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Aug 18, 12amRedeemed
Fri, Sep 6, 201911Fri, Sep 6, 9amVested Interest
2Sat, Sep 7, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Sep 8, 12amRedeemed
Sun, Sep 8, 2019(Full)1Sun, Sep 8, 9amVested Interest
2Sat, Sep 14, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Sep 15, 12amRedeemed
Sun, Sep 15, 2019(Full)1Sun, Sep 15, 9amVested Interest
2Sat, Sep 21, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Sep 22, 12amRedeemed
Fri, Sep 27, 2019(Full)1Fri, Sep 27, 9amVested Interest
2Sat, Sep 28, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Sep 29, 12amRedeemed
Sun, Sep 29, 2019(Full)1Sun, Sep 29, 9amVested Interest
2Sat, Oct 5, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Oct 6, 12amRedeemed
Wed, Oct 2, 2019(Full)1Wed, Oct 2, 9amVested Interest
2Thu, Oct 3, 9amRedeemed
3Fri, Oct 4, 12amRedeemed
Sun, Oct 6, 2019(Full)1Sun, Oct 6, 9amVested Interest
2Sat, Oct 12, 9amRedeemed
3Sun, Oct 13, 12amRedeemed
Wed, Oct 16, 201931Wed, Oct 16, 9amVested Interest
2Thu, Oct 17, 9amRedeemed
3Fri, Oct 18, 12amRedeemed
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